The team


Founded in 1991 by Henri AUGUSTE, the company combines various experiences in the field of project management and building engineering.

Since 2013, Sophie AUGUSTE has joined the team and, thanks to her skills, has taken over the management of the family business. The company, while remaining Research Office is therefore registered with the Order of Architects since February 2015.


Today, it is thus composed of a multidisciplinary and complementary team, which allows it to touch on different fields such as:


Construction techniques

The economy


The aesthetic,

The organization of work

Ect ...

The team is continually seeking training (Sustainable Development and High Environmental Quality, HQE, Asbestos, Ada'p ...), to be up to date, to enrich their knowledge and improve our projects.

Our team is constantly evolving, as are the projects. Even being limited, she is always listening, is very responsive to respond and act throughout the project.

27/06/1986 in Corbeil-Essonnes. Manager - ARCHITECT. Diplomas: from the Engineering Institute of Lyon in 2006, Master 2 - Heritage Department at ENSAL in 2012 ... Learn more +

28/08/1955 in Aulnay Sous Bois. General manager. Engineer diploma ESTP 82: Engineer BTP, Engineer acousticien, Master builder, ...

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13/06/56 in Saint Rémy Interior designer decorator Diploma ENSAD 83: Decorator, Plastic Designer Volume, Interior designer ... Learn more +