Trois-C Project management in the construction and renovation and upgrading of buildings in Lyon, France and Europe.

We carry alone or in collaboration with other teams, all the missions of the project management, audit to the full realization of all your projects work for compliance, renovation or building construction , throughout France and...

25 ans d'expérience en maîtrise d'œuvre

Advice Assistance to the Owner

Project management assistance and advice to construction work in Lyon. We can only assist you in editing your project, choosing a project management team that...

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Work plans, materials needed and the budget estimates in Lyon. Once you have accepted the previous mission, the design phase will complete your entire project. This phase is the...

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Audit and specifications for your facility construction work in Lyon. The audit is the foundation of your project. For a thorough diagnosis, it allows the realization of a specification corresponding...

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Mastery of work

The achievement, maintenance works and acceptance of works in Lyon. The work of mastery is the completion of your project in its physical realization. Our team guides you in the choice of companies, and monitors the full implementation...

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Interior architecture

We create spaces, organize tenders, quotations and follow analyze the yards until the final reception. In addition, we design and make furniture making elements adapted to your project if necessary. Every project is different: That's why...

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Recent references

Corporate restaurant SANOFI PASTEUR

Attendance - Speakers on this operation - Equipment installation


Attendance: 250 meals a day, every noon of the week, plus automatic distribution. Equipment installation: ASTRAL (Lyon)

Restaurant SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC in Eybens (38)

Attendance: Restaurant: 700 to 750 meals a day, every noon of the week. Guest rooms: 60 meals a day. Speakers from ...

2011-2014 : RESTAURATION HOPITAL J.MINJOZ 25000 Besançon

The company Trois C intervened as Interior Architect (Co-contracting with Synapse Construction) for the restructuring of the restaurant / self-service areas, followed by construction site ...

Construction du restaurant annexe

La phase Direction de l'Exection des Travaux début début janvier, pour le projet de construction d'un restaurant scolaire annexe. Le projet comprend une partie rénovation et une partie extension. Les travaux auront une durée de 9 mois.


Legal form of the applicant: SARL
SIREN: 380 970 632 00036
RCS B 380 970 632 Lyon
Manager: AUGUSTE Sophie
Creation of the company: 09 February 1991
APE code: 7112 B (formerly 742 C)
Tax Code: FR 96380870632


  • AUGUSTE Sophie

    27/06/1986 in Corbeil-Essonnes. Manager - ARCHITECT. Diplomas: from the Engineering Institute of Lyon in 2006, Master 2 - Heritage Department at ENSAL in 2012 ...
  • AUGUSTE Henri

    28/08/1955 in Aulnay Sous Bois. General manager. Engineer diploma ESTP 82: Engineer BTP, Engineer acousticien, Master builder, ...

  • AUGUSTE Isabelle

    13/06/56 in Saint Rémy Interior designer decorator Diploma ENSAD 83: Decorator, Plastic Designer Volume, Interior designer ...

A design for a sustainable building

A firm of architecture and family engineering, pluridisciplinary, with your listening.

Renovation of an apartment

Restore fully to disaster recovery. Recovery of floors, walls, partitions, electricity, plumbing.

Renovation of a farm building

The land comes from a division of this land. The plot has an area of 387m2, the house has a floor area of 124m2, and the garage has an area of 40m2. The old barn is renovated into a house.