69440 Mornant

The project is located at the end of a project, on a parcel on the eastern edge of a park (Parc de Saint Agathe).

The entire plot is flat. Access will be in the South East.

The journey in the house is treated in such a way as to develop views and sensations. This route allows the inhabitant to dirge towards a more intimate and independent space.

The rooms located in the North are rooms occupied occasionally and do not require large openings (Cellar, SDB and WC) The windows planned are of small size to protect the house from the winds of the North.

The rooms to the South, are the rooms of life: Room to the East / South East; Kitchen in the South, and stay in South West. In the center of the house, an entrance hall with access to the 1st floor.

A patio allows to open the clearance on a garden of hivier.


Upstairs, three bedrooms with a bathroom and separate WC are provided.

A traditional roofing is provided on this part rooms for better insulation.

We were able to optimize the implementation of the construction in the field.

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Interior architecture
Individual house

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