Restore fully to disaster recovery. Recovery of floors, walls, partitions, electricity, plumbing.

Private Renovation

Streamline the "work / meal" section. Restructure the cupboards, create a broom storage and remove the empty junk closet. Making access to windows ...

Private Renovation
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The company Trois C intervened as Interior Architect (Co-contracting with Synapse Construction) for the restructuring of the restaurant / self-service areas, followed by construction site ...

Layout Public Acoustic Research Bureau Design Office Collective Kitchens Renovation Restaurant Interior architecture Trend

The renovation operation consists of reclaiming the shaded areas, clarifying all the ancillary rooms and finding a harmonious plan for the life of a family. Not only ...

Layout Private Study of fluid Bureau Housing Renovation Interior architecture

The land comes from a division of this land. The plot has an area of 387m2, the house has a floor area of 124m2, and the garage has an area of 40m2. The old barn is renovated into a house.

Housing Renovation Individual house