Prime contractor in building

The core business of the company was prime contractor. He is the representative of the Client and offers him the technical, aesthetic and economic solutions most suited to his program.

Its role of designing projects, carrying out the project studies, making the elements for the consultation of the companies, directing the execution of the works, assisting the client for the reception of the works. It serves as a link between the contracting authority and the companies.

Lyon (69)


  • Cuisine: 180 meals a day, noon and evening
  • Restaurant: 150 meals a day, every noon of the week

Operators of the operation:

  • Groupe CARDINAL - Project management (Lyon)
  • XANADU - Architect (Lyon)
  • SET JACOULOT - BET Fluid and OPC (Ecully)
  • GLOBAL - Pilotage (Lyon)

Equipment installation:

  • ASTRAL (Lyon)
Marcy-l'Étoile (69)


  • Self: 1400 meals / d each midday of the week
  • Kiosks: 600 meals / d each lunchtime of the week

The speakers on this operation:

  • ARCHIGROUP - Architect (Limonest)
  • RBS - BET Structure (Lyon)
  • OUROUMOFF - BET Fluid and OPC (Ecully)
  • SOUBEYRAN - Economist (Lyon)
  • ADEQUATION - Decoration (Seyssinet Pariset)

Equipment installation:

  • COLD MACHINES LYON - BONNET (Villeurbanne)
  • DIMA (Lyon)
Lyon (69)


  • 250 meals a day, every noon of the week, plus automatic distribution

Equipment installation:

  • ASTRAL (Lyon)
Saverne (67)

Equipment installation:

  • TRUMPF (Dettwiller)