Interior architect

We design spaces, organize tenders, analyze quotations and follow construction sites until the final reception. In addition, we design and make furniture suitable for your project, if necessary.

Each project is different: This is why we do not impose a preconceived idea: we analyze your request, location, technical and legal constraints, in order to arrive at a result that suits you both from the point of view of View of the use only from the point of view of the fiancier, without shock. We adapt to your presonnality. There is no small project.

Lyon (69)


  • Cuisine: 180 meals a day, noon and evening
  • Restaurant: 150 meals a day, every noon of the week

Operators of the operation:

  • Groupe CARDINAL - Project management (Lyon)
  • XANADU - Architect (Lyon)
  • SET JACOULOT - BET Fluid and OPC (Ecully)
  • GLOBAL - Pilotage (Lyon)

Equipment installation:

  • ASTRAL (Lyon)
Marcy-l'Étoile (69)


  • Self: 1400 meals / d each midday of the week
  • Kiosks: 600 meals / d each lunchtime of the week

The speakers on this operation:

  • ARCHIGROUP - Architect (Limonest)
  • RBS - BET Structure (Lyon)
  • OUROUMOFF - BET Fluid and OPC (Ecully)
  • SOUBEYRAN - Economist (Lyon)
  • ADEQUATION - Decoration (Seyssinet Pariset)

Equipment installation:

  • COLD MACHINES LYON - BONNET (Villeurbanne)
  • DIMA (Lyon)
Lyon (69)


  • 250 meals a day, every noon of the week, plus automatic distribution

Equipment installation:

  • ASTRAL (Lyon)